Saturday, February 19, 2011


hi lovely reader :) day 185 here! tgif..i love fridays! got my test back in dutch class today, 10/11..not bad eh? i spelt a couple verbs wrong but other than that it was good. our next test isn't until after the break, that makes me happy. happy to think the break is coming soon, and happy that we have another test. i like my class, i really like it. its so nice to have a good teacher, that makes all the difference. i've always wanted to be a teacher, but i think i'd be too afraid that i would be a bad one. there are so many bad teachers out there, but the really great ones make up for them. i think my dads a good teacher, i still wish i could have been old enough to have him before he retired. i miss going to his house to eat dinner then having him drag my lazy self to the drumset to learn something new or practice. sorry, lots of rambling tonight. i'm really tired because i didn't get good sleep this week..not enough anyways. and because i just got home from the belgian version of a barmitzvah. i guess its pretty typical to get together and host a party when you turn 18 or something. i was talking with the other american exchange student at the party, and we giggled a lot about how it was like a barmitzvah. then i shared my victorias secret lip gloss. we also laughed about our weight depressing! but id rather not talk about that. school was boring, there was a test in geography that thankfully the teacher didn't make me take. i tried to look as busy as i could with my dutch homework during that time, haha. tonight all my host siblings were home, so cool having a big host family! we got a picture after dinner, and i will try to get it and put it on here eventually. i had dinner with two host brothers, two host sisters and their boyfriends, and host parents..9 in total, a lot different sitting around the table with them than watching wheel of fortune and eating leftovers with mama mary back in the USA. except it wasn't really different, because i still made dessert. lemon bars!! turned out alright, they may have even liked them i think. that or they were just being too nice. well since i have no picture for today yet, here's me being really tired and a little cold before i go to bed. exciting webcam pictures that i take..haha not. goodnight all!

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