Sunday, February 20, 2011


hi all! lets get this blog started with something funny, shall we?
i dyed my hair!!! can you believe it? haha well don't believe it because i'm kidding of course..its just a wig. my host sister was helping me look for an outfit for school next week. i guess they dress up and get crazy for something called "100 days" which means there is only 100 days of school left. i've decided its the belgian version of homecoming. but more about that later. on to today! well, today i was really tired. i can honestly say i was tired 100% of the day. i don't think i ever woke up! i watched idol on my computer and did a lot of lazy facebook creeping. tonight the parents of my host sisters boyfriend came over for dinner so it was a full house..thats pretty cool for me, actually. its such a difference from having just my mom and i or my parents and i. but i've already said that. anyways! then i watched bones with my host brother. after that i said i was going to bed because my sinuses really hurt tonight for some reason, its soooo annoying and painful! but then my great friend adam was online so we skyped and it was awesome. i miss my friends so much! especially adam. he always has a way to make me laugh..we are so similar yet so different. hmm. well thats all for now! goodnight :)

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