Sunday, February 13, 2011


well, yesterday was day 179, and im really sorry i didn't blog. i was planning on doing it before i left for the night, but then i guess i just didn't do it. super sorry! but no worries, i'm still alive and here to tell you all about my day/night. i woke up really late yesterday, or really late for me anyways. i think i was super tired from the day in Ghent! so i slept through breakfast but after lunch my host sister and i baked a cake for Manuella because later i went to her house for her birthday party thing. the belgians aren't really used to all the colorful and artificial looking things like us americans, so i thought it would be fun to make a Brazilian flag cake for her. the inside is colored too!

it was fun to make, and it's really nice having a host sister. she even let me wear her shirt out too! so i got to manuellas and we had dinner with her family along with some kind of brazilian cocktail..interesting! after that we played a quiz game for an hour or so then went to a ridiculous place called "desire". come on, what kind of name is that. it was pretty similar to the reflex where i've been quite a bit, only this place was a lot warmer, worse music, and lots of young girls in short skirts. but we had a good time nonetheless!

we got home around 2:30 which isn't too bad in the world of discotheques. i guess that would be the translation of it in english, but it sounds weird. its not a disco, thats a horribly falsely named name. and that was a horrible sentence, haha! but what i mean is that its like one of those clubs you see on csi or something, not like a place for 70s music. although we did come home with a boa somehow...haha, and that sums up my yesterday!

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