Sunday, February 27, 2011


hello! happy saturday. woah!!!! over 13,000 views!????! how is that possible, i feel so popular :) instead of pictures for today, i have a video from my last 100 days experience here in belgium. sometimes i think pictures just aren't enough for you to visualize what i'm doing here, so instead i take short bad-quality videos and poorly edit them on my computer so maybe you will get the idea of what i was doing!
hope you enjoyed that, haha. but now about today! i slept in pretty late then ate some toast. i cleaned my room and watched american idol during the afternoon. tonight we went to a concert. a belgian singer/band "daan" and he was pretty good. i especially liked the girl who multitasked playing drums, vibes, horn, and chimes. now im home and i made this video. and now, it is definitely time for bed! my sleeping patterns really aren't normal anymore..not good! goodnight and thanks for reading :)


  1. You should post more videos, they're awesome!

  2. What a riot, James! Looks like you're having too much fun!! Good for you!