Tuesday, February 22, 2011


27 weeks in belgium. over half a year! that means...1/38 of my life has been spent here, or so. (is that correct? more than 6 months living here and i'm 19 years old?) weird!! it doesn't seem like that long when you put it in perspective. it also doesn't seem like that short of time either. super hard to explain. anyways, thank goodness its not monday. one more monday with a sore throat, i don't think i could do it! the nasty cough syrup paid off last night and today, as i slept like a baby and only had a couple cough drops today. hooray! but it still hurts, and at night i start to get a really deep raspy voice..haha. so on this fine, cold, a little windy tuesday...i went to language class. it was boring, and i left early to go to the rotary meeting. after eating too much chicken and listening to this awesome old guy tell me about his printing company (he tells the same story every time-ask anybody) i went back to school for bad hair day. well, my hair is naturally bad...so today i just put it in a ponytail and stuck a toothbrush and a pen in it. clever eh? not creative at all, but who would blame the foreign exchange student for trying right! especially when i only go to school on tuesdays for two classes. so we used the self timer in one class to take a picture! i know you cant tell, but everyone tried to have bad hair..and we are all wearing matching sweatshirts that say 100 days..hooray for school in belgium...
i also got my class picture today! it was taken way back in september or so..but this is my class, i have almost every lesson with them when i am not in language class and they are great. sometimes theres a lot of drama because its all girls (and one boy, you see two in the picture because one was the foreign exchange student from argentina who lasted no more than one month with us) but overall they are a very kind and talented group of people! its a picture of a picture, so its bad quality but you get the picture (i'm pun-ny).
so i guess thats about it for my day! the math teacher brought me a book in english today. i thought it was going to be a work book, but its just a regular reading book about how numbers were first created and stuff. that has to be one of the most difficult subjects to explain! where does 1 come from, why is it before 2, who thought of it, blah blah. not a bad book actually. another thing i should mention is a had a hazelnut burger for supper, it was so cool! i could never imagine having that at home. its like the concept of a hamburger and a cheeseball combined, then made with hazelnuts. awesome. last thing i'll mention before i got to bed is that my host mom rented (or bought, i dont remember) the movie "dances with wolves" out of complete randomness which is really crazy because almost the whole film was shot in south dakota! not to mention its my dads favorite movie. i remember on lazy days or nights he would ask me to watch it with him on the couch and i would always say no dad i dont like your stupid western movies! small, small world. but like other things that have been happening to me, everything is starting to come together..and thats what this year is all about! i better get to sleep because tomorrow is a busy wednesday..class then going to brussels to tour a brewery with the other inbound exchange students in our rotary district! haha, hows that for irony. goodnight!

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