Saturday, February 26, 2011


hi world! yesterday was one of the coolest fridays in belgium ever! actually, probably just the coolest, and also the weirdest. biggest celebrating day over the "100 dagen" left of the school year. so after getting about three hours of sleep..i woke up and manuella and my host mom curled my hair! they did such a great job, i could have never done it alone with my stupid hair!
then i got picked up to go to another girls house..and there i got lots of makeup caked on my face to make me look more cabaret-ish. that was the theme of our class by the way! all the last year students celebrate all day and wear crazy outfits. everyone dresses SO WEIRD and goes completely all out for this day. we were probably the classiest, simplest group. there were spongebob characters, smurfs, all sorts of animals, fruits, superheros, and ridiculous things. it was like homecoming on steroids! here's how i looked when i left the house:
then we all went to school and had's me there!

then it was time for all the last year classes to go on the catwalk. they all go out in their costumes and dance in front of everyone..i'll try to upload a video eventually. i really wasn't good at dancing since i am always at dutch class when they practice! but nonetheless it was super fun. after that we had pizza at school for lunch..then watched all the class videos. my class did a dance instead of a video, and i just stood in the back with another kid snapping the whole time, it was really funny. i guess we didn't want to dance with them because we didn't know how! after that all the last year dressed up kids left school and walked through town to this giant tent's a few from my class!
they literally partied and made tons of noise like a parade on the mile or so walk to the tent. it was fun to watch! we ended up walking back to town, but later last night i went to the party and it was interesting! music was pretty hardcore for my liking..but lots of people and an overall good time. who would have thought dressing up and going to parties would be part of my exchange year experience? well i hope you enjoy the pictures, and i will definitely try to make a video! thanks for reading, and goodnight. ps: only 100 more school days!

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