Friday, February 25, 2011


happy thursday! short post tonight, because its 2:30am and i REALLY need to get to bed in order to be ready by 7am tomorrow/this morning..but about today! in school i did close to nothing because my class had to do a jury-like thing one by one the whole day, so there were no lessons. but since i have jazz band with a seperate class, i had that! my one lesson of the day that i wasn't sitting in a room talking with the class, haha. i took a video, but my playing isn't very good and i don't have time to upload it tonight. but i will show you eventually! after school i came home and watched american idol on my computer. gosh its uneventful this season..they don't let you get to know the characters enough to be sad about people getting cut or making it. absolutely no emotions while watching that show, what a pity. then i got ready and met my class to eat and go out tonight! since this is the week equivalent of homecoming..theres a lot of festivity in town! the most is tomorrow, but today there was quite a bit of activity as well. lots of people in town and tons at this party we went to. my class is sooo nice! i'm really thankful they include me in things like tonight. so we ate dinner then we went to the party to celebrate 101 days of school left. its really reliving my senior year in every sense. except we don't party on thursdays till 2am. so here are a couple pictures! first at the restaurant...

then the party..
pretty good time. first party on a thursday in general i think, let alone in belgium. but now i'm going to sleep, although i don't feel tired..i've passed that point. another big day tomorrow..yippee! goodnight world!!!!!

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