Thursday, February 10, 2011


177! normal thursday. school..boring! jazz band was really fun though. we're trying to make the song "summertime" not so boring. today was the first day this whole year that i brought my stick bag, usually i just find a pair there. today was also the first day i brought my music in a nice folder, not crumpled up in a ball in my backpack. have to try something new every day ya know! other than that, i painted my nails while i was bored in music class. (yes, you read that correctly..being an exchange student is tough eh?). and i read almost half a book about anne frank. it was in dutch! supposed to be for kids 6-9 years old, but that's not too bad is it? less than 6 months here and at least i can read and speak some. understanding people talking is always the easiest. so other than that i didn't do much today. i skyped with my friend becca for a little while, that made me very happy! she's been my best friend since 6th grade...i can't begin to explain how weird and strong our friendship is. so thanks to her googling skills i took a screenshot of us waving goodbye. i miss all of my friends a lot! especially becca..but i'm used to missing her because she lives far away from me in america too. but i think it says a lot about your friendship when you can endure such great distances and still be the same to eachother! goodnight all!

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