Thursday, February 17, 2011


hello world! thanks for checkin the blog today :) a nice wednesday in belgium. went to language class, came home and ate lunch, then went with my host mom and manuella to antwerp! we walked from the house to the train station, and had to run to catch it. it was funny! when we got there we met a girl from brazil, who is now an exchange student in denmark..but her sister was here last year on exchange, so she was here to visit. complicated, but she was really nice and we spent the whole day going around antwerp with her and it was nice. first we went to the cathedral, which i've walked by maybe 5 times and never actually went inside. check it out! so pretty, and i there were a lot of paintings..apparently this one by Peter Paul Rubens (thank you google) is popular or famous or something! it was such a big cathedral..i felt like i was in london or paris or someplace besides antwerp. so then, here are some pictures from there!

after that we headed to this cool looking castle, which i guess we didn't actually see much of. here's the three of us, and me by the castle thing!

after that we stopped and had something to drink then eventually went back to the station to say goodbye to the denmark girl. then we didn't know if we should stay and eat dinner with my host sister somewhere or come home with the train, but we decided to stay..but our last train was pretty soon so we could only eat somewhere in the neighborhood. we chose pizza hut over the creep italian tourist trap place. then we ended up being late AGAIN for the train and had to run. i ended up running to the wrong platform, and we all ended up laughing really hard at/with my mistake and the running in general. i don't think i've laughed that hard my whole time in belgium. i miss all the laugh out loud moments of life at home, but its good to know that its still possible here! on that note, my laughing self really needs to get to bed. apparently there are northern lights right now but i dont know which way is north and there are too many lights in town to see them..shucks! night!

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