Sunday, February 13, 2011


hi all! well a short post about today, because truthfully nothing much happened. i spent the night at manuellas, and woke up and had breakfast then got home around noon or so. i took a shower then spent the afternoon in my bedroom attempting to take a nap but was distracted by american idol and facebook. i slept at least an hour though at some point. after dinner i made a few valentine cards for my family with things i found in my room, haha. thought that counts right? so now i'm going to go to bed, and again i'm super sorry that the blog gets boring at points. thats life! oh and before i go, since i promised a picture a day in february...

my awesome squeaky baby and i waving goodnight. hahah, my host mom said she was making my bed the other day and the doll squeaked and it was funny. we're precious, i know. night all!

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