Sunday, February 6, 2011


hello all! not such a long post tonight because i'm super tired..busy busy day! but i did a lot today! this morning i got up earlier than i do for school (and its saturday..odd) because i went to a random town for a rotary meeting thing. all the inbounds, future outbounds and their parents and stuff got together for a sort of preparation/rule reading day..which was sort of boring because we did the same thing in august or september when we got here. in our district there are three new inbounds..all of which come from the southern hemisphere since their seasons and thus school year is at a different time, some end up coming in the middle of the year. (or leaving in the middle of their school year to arrive at the correct time for the northern hemisphere's school year..yeah its complicated). but after that we ate lunch at the meeting then went to Hasselt! it is a neat city. clean and quaint, but not quaint in the sense that you can feel how small it is..more quaint like, cozy. i spent a few hours there with other exchange students walking around, shopping and whatnot..i only spent 2 euro on a flower pin!
there is the weirdest thing there...i've always talked about frituur's ya know, the place that fries everything. but this was like..a fried place only a vending machine. its like china or something! just thought it was worth a picture.

then i met my host family at a really cool pancake/waffle/coffee/ice cream place and manuella and i split what is in this awesome picture...SO GOOD!
tonight when we got home i made tacos for dinner. we're trying to use up some things from my american food otherwise time will go by too quickly and it will all still be here! i can't imagine what it will be like to do everything as an american again. today with the new inbounds and the future outbounds really made it feel like its half over, not half done. crazy eh! taco's at the dinner table, we stopped at the grocery store to make sure and have everything. i wasn't very awake at the grocery store because i was sleeping in the car. it was a weird feeling, waking up then immediately not speaking english. hard to describe. anyways. taco picture!
after dinner my host bro and i finished up our cookies. big thank you to Hartz for sending the food coloring and things! i hear there is another package at my first house i need to go and get? exciting! she also sent these markers that let you draw on frosting, it was so fun to draw on the cookies tonight...things like that are just unheard of here, the american baking ways are slowly coming here such as cupcake class. that's really a hip thing to do, bake like an american with artificial colors and stuff. of course it is a completely new concept for this delicate pastry eating country.
well overall today was really great. although it really doesn't feel like february with the warm weather and not having christmas at home and whatnot. but you know what they say..time's fun when you're having flies, right? goodnight all!!!

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