Sunday, February 27, 2011


happy sunday! this morning i woke up REALLY noon or something, because i think i took a little too much cough syrup last night. also when i woke up and for a portion of the morning i had no voice! which turned into a raspy voice with a not pleasant cough to go with it. woo! officially one week with a cold. i don't get colds, stupid belgian weather! this week will also be a busy week so i'm not sure how quickly it will go away. thus, i will try to make this blog post short and sweet so i can get enough sleep and maybe my cold will go away. anywho! today we went to brussels! i know i was just there on wednesday, but all we did was go to the brewery and pub. today i finally got to see the atomium!
for those of you not familiar with what it is, here's a link to wikipedia: basically, its a giant iron molecule made out of steel that they built for the 1958 world's fair. i was really surprised how big it was! you can go up into all but three of the balls. the first couple are exhibits and one was a restaurant. you go to them by escalators or stairs like this:
it was like epicot or something, haha! here's a view from the top. you can kind of see a stadium, a waterpark, and mini-europe in the picture.
last but not least, we went to see mannekin pis again! i was SUPER happy because he FINALLY had an outfit on!!!! first time i saw him he was naked, and not going to the bathroom...the second time, he was peeing but had no clothes on. today, he had clothes on AND was was great.
so now i can officially say i saw the two big brussels icons../tourist attractions. i find that pretty neat. so like i said, feeling sort of sick so i'm going to bed now. thanks for reading, hope you had a nice saturday as well!

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