Tuesday, February 15, 2011


hello all! what a nice day in belgium. first of all, HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY! i was a little worried that i wouldn't get to do my normal over the top american valentine things while in belgium, like baking and cards and stuff, but my amazing host family made it almost better than normal! it seems like i have some sort of anticipation for every holiday that's happened while i'm here, such as thanksgiving and such..but they all end up being holidays that i will remember for the rest of my life, ya know? i wonder if i'll ever be an old lady that says "back when i was an exchange student in belgium..." haha! so anywho, i woke up this morning dreading a full monday of language class and school, and end up getting a text saying our teacher is sick so there's no dutch class. but i was already awake and eating breakfast so sleeping in wasn't really an option anymore. i was pretty happy there wasn't a lesson, but i was more happy because when i came down to eat a quick breakfast and walk to school (seems i'm always running late..) there was a cute little package and card on my plate along with adorable heart candies! in the box were really cute earrings for valentines day :) my family is great!
aren't they pretty? so since manuella was already in town for class but there was none, she came over till lunch time and we sat on the computer and reading magazines and stuff. nothing special i guess. then i had some soup and a couple mini sandwiches then went to school. in school i had english class, where we talked a little more about american politics and the class laughed at my obama tee shirt that i was wearing. then the subject changed to racism and prejudice, and i mentioned things like blonde jokes..which was stupid because im the only blonde in the class, so later we were watching a movie thing and the teacher says "look, she's blonde and she's stupid!" at the lady in the film. unnecessary much? it was a little funny, but i don't understand why i'm the only blonde. i've only highlighted my hair once in the 6th months i've been here and the roots are still really blonde, its weird. i figured it would be brown by now but i guess not. odd. well anywho, nothing much happened till i made a cheesecake tonight. it was in the oven while we ate dinner, then it had to stay in the oven and cool down for another couple hours. tonight i watched sex and the city the movie with my host mom. its a good movie, and it was even better because there were pralines! haha, chocolate and a movie. (side note: secret to cheesecake= don't over-beat, bake in a water bath, and slow cool down. i love making cheesecake!!!) all in all, it was a very nice valentines day (minus english class) and i am thankful i have the opportunity to be here! happy valentines day everyone, goodnight <3

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