Monday, February 7, 2011


hello world. happy superbowl sunday!!! it is so weird not being home for the superbowl. even though i don't watch much football, i usually always watch the superbowl. i think the same can be said about many many americans. i don't miss being bored in front of the tv waiting for half time, but i do miss the snacks and family time along with things like janet jacksons wardrobe malfunction (aka the nipplegate scandal-google it) ..things like that make the superbowl nice to watch. something cool to look forward to in the boring cold month of february. but thats okay! theres plenty to do here. today i went with my family to a family gathering. it was not as weird as it sounds, the whole..going with someone else's family to a family gathering thing. i thought the dads side of the family was pretty big, but it turns out my host moms side is even bigger-like 100 in total! i laughed because at christmas time when we are all together at home we don't pass ten people, and thats everyone! so talked and ate a lot of food there. i gave the grandma the heart cookies and we reassured her that yes even though they are red you can still eat them. eventually we came home, about a 45 minute ride in the car. i was not car sick because i took a dramamine, goody! that's about it for my day. tomorrow i have to go to only language class. i'm actually disappointed i have to go because my other school has the day off! oh well. so here's a hilarious picture of my mom wearing a cheese head in support of the packers for the superbowl!
missing you today, america..but for some reason it really doesn't bother me. never thought i could get to this point, eh! goodnight and thanks for reading!

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  1. HAHAHAHAHAHAH Mar Mar is looking fly for sure!

    -Kt. :)))))