Saturday, April 2, 2011


hello world! 227 days in belgium, yippee! well, what i did today. i started the morning by going to my dutch class because the teacher told us that on friday we could see our exam scores and sign up for the next level, but what do you teacher, and the secretaries office was closed! she told me to come back on sunday and i could work it all out then. what the heck, it must be a ploy to get us all there on sunday for their "open door day" which is like an open house. it seems that lots of schools and businesses do this around the same period of time in belgium, anyone want to clarify that for me? but anyways. i can only say that i certainly passed, but it makes me sort of anxious not knowing my exact results! but for a good majority of my day i (with the help from my super nice host mom) was packing my giant box to send home! i have so many clothes that i don't need anymore because the weather is getting nicer and will hopefully stay that way and it's not super long till i come home anyways! but there was a dilemma. there was a box that was too small for what i wanted to send home, and there was one that was too big. so i thought..ok, lets put it all in the too big box then i will find a few more things to stick in there to fill it up. but i couldn't find anything i wanted to give up quite yet, so i went to the grocery store and bought 10 kilo (20 pounds) worth of BELGIAN CHOCOLATE! here's me and the box right before going to the post office..
the chocolate definitely solved the problem of it being too big. i dont know if i can get chocolate through customs when i come back so i might as well send it now eh! haha..APRIL FOOLS! i actually ended up sending an entire box of clothes, old dutch books, jackets, shoes, boots, everything. no chocolate. but that was sort of believable, right? nobody really pranked me with anything today..sort of makes me sad, but lucky at the same time. yes, they do celebrate april fools day here as well, as far as i can tell its the same as at home but maybe not so extreme. people can do pretty sick jokes sometimes! but that was really the extent of my day right there. bed time, super tired! thinking i might bake some chocolate chip cookies tomorrow..hmm. we'll see. goodnight!

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