Saturday, April 23, 2011


hello lovely reader :) hope you're enjoying your day! i know i enjoyed mine..but how could you not with 80 degree weather! skirt, tank top, sunglasses, sandals...AMAZING! i think we finished eating dinner at like..9:30pm and we were still outside not even close to cold. not normal eh! sadly next week it goes down a bit again, but still nothing like how it is at home right now. today, i actually got a lot done for my presentation. i would say i'm about half way done, and with a little more work next week then hopefully it will be good and ready to go by the 10th! i feel like everything is going so quickly, let alone when i go back to school next week then time will just fly away. so many mixed feelings, literally a feeling of everything and nothing at the same time. i don't think about it though, theres no time to think about silly things like that when i can be enjoying the beautiful weather (and working on my presentation..argh)! so since we made just so many cupcakes last night, and since it was such nice weather, my host mom and i biked to oud-turnhout to drop off a few cupcakes/pigs to my first host family! it was nice seeing them..its always nice seeing them! we sat outside for over and hour and never ran out of things to talk about, i don't think we ever will, haha. its great. but here's a couple pics from biking there, just to get the effect of biking and how warm it was today!
bike bike bike...
shall i buy a new one when i'm back in brookings? i think that would be a good idea! but thats about all i have for today folks. tomorrow is EASTER SUNDAY! we're going to church and eating with the family and stuff. i'm excited! i can't believe that its already Easter though! but like i said, no more talking about how time flies and whatnot. love you all, goodnight!

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