Monday, April 18, 2011


hey reader :) absolutely beautiful day in belgium today!! you south dakotans have it rough over there, because i was in a tee shirt and jeans today and i was almost too warm! crazy eh. i remember freezing my butt off for prom pictures the past few years around this time! but anywho, about my day! this morning i woke up early to catch a train to meet another exchange student friend in Ghent! it was about 2 hours on the trains and 2.5 hours or so total travel time. i say that just to give you a relative idea of how long it takes to get somewhere in such a small lil country! so anyways, after meeting my friend who super ironically has THE SAME LAST NAME as me (maybe i've mentioned this before?) we walked from the station to town and just hung out in Ghent the whole day. since its monday and we aren't smart, we forgot that most of the museums were CLOSED. typical mondays in belgium..seriously NOTHING is open on sunday and like half of everything is closed on monday. so we decided to get soup...i had mushroom soup! :D
there's just this soup place that has 4 different kinds of soup every day, and then you get little rolls and an apple with it and i think its a SOUPER (haha get it. super..soup..yeah) clever idea! you get it all for 4 euro ($5.50) which isn't super bad if you consider that its all fresh and you're not wasting your money on mcdonalds or something. anybody want to open a soup shop for me to eat at in brookings? ok enough about food. but because there wasn't much to we sat by the water, then drank beer on a terrace, walked some more, found a cupcake shop (cupcake pictured in the little white box that im holding below, and went to the shopping street and i bought shorts! look how pretty it is!
around 5 o clock we found our way back to the train station and i came home but first i had to take a picture of the RIDICULOUS (i dont know why im capitalizing so many words today) amount of bikes on the way to the station..
they went on forever and ever! pretty neat. so overall, it was a nice day. now i'm super tired, and i think tomorrow will be a busy nice day too so i better get my beauty sleep! goodnight and thanks for reading!

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