Sunday, April 3, 2011


well we might as well name this blog "jamie eats her way through belgium" because what do you know, this is my BREAD PUDDING blog post! yippee! amongst packing for italy and going to the open house at my language school today, i watched my host mom make bread pudding! here's how it works folks:

old bread = a necessity for bread pudding. so clean out the cupboards, find your crusty hot dog buns and wonderbread loafs and make yourself a bowl full of stale bread pieces.
next step = add sugar and vanilla. in european baking, that means vanilla sugar. vanilla extract is good of course :)
the weird step = add some WARM milk. then mush it all together. are we stuffing a turkey? is it thanksgiving again?
wisk your eggs and add em in there as well!
and now tons and tons of cinnamon and one sliced apple. you can experiment with raisins too!
mmm going in the pan...then to the oven for a while!
whoops, must have missed a big step..i thought this was bread pudding not a giant chocolate doughnut!? host mom covered it in chocolate to make it TWICE as tasty!
and here we are people..time to eat (yet again more) bread (or this time, bead pudding) in belgium. YUM!
sooo moving back to my day, not in reference to food. at the open house thing i signed up for the next level of dutch class..LEVEL 4! this will be my last level there, and sadly i am going to miss most of the first week because of my italy trip and the last few weeks as well because then its already time to come home. not only did i sign up for the next level but i found out my test score too. the teacher wasn't 100% sure because she didn't have her list handy, but she said it was a 92 or 93%, and that it was the best from the class. i feel sort of arrogant putting that on my blog, but WOW! that made me happy, considering my past exams were only like 80-90%s and this time i went in with more confidence than other times. big thanks on my host family and friends at school for being so helpful with the language! ik hou van mijn nieuwe taal ;) one more funny thing about today. i know i said nothing more referring to food but whatever. tonight my host mom helped me (or did the majority of the work in all honesty) make 3 kilo of spaghetti noodles. thats..6.6 dry pounds of noodles, which makes A WHOLE BUNCH of cooked noodles. i have to take them to school tomorrow because my class is going somewhere for the whole day to record a song, and somebody else is making sauce and i guess we're going to eat spaghetti for dinner. so tomorrow morning i'm going to school with like 12 pounds of noodles in a little cart. hahaha! noodle girl. ok goodnight world, thanks for reading!

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