Saturday, April 23, 2011


top o the morning/afternoon/evening to ya, reader! today, i actually got a little bit of progress done on my presentation! but..first i woke up really late again, whoops. otherwise maybe i would have gotten a little more done, but thats life eh. i love sleeping. i could do it 24/7 if i wanted to..but theres no time for that now is there? just think how much of your life you spend sleeping. ahh, what a waste of time that is! but nonetheless i'm super tired tonight from working REALLY hard with my host sister and her cousin on some super cool cupcakes! yes, another baking day! i love it. i could never say no to fun colored edible things. so we first wanted to make rainbow cupcakes but thats too easy so check out what we made instead..

hamburger......CUPCAKES! nifty eh? sort of weird to see in a picture, but in person they look like cute little burgers...makes me want nicks hamburgers...ahhhh
and then some lil piggies!
and gulp gulp gulp....FROGS! just fun to play around, but we started around 8 and finished at midnight, so i'm tired now and i shall go to sleep. thank you SO MUCH for reading, talk to yall tomorrow :)

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