Friday, April 22, 2011


hello all! day 247..yet ANOTHER beautiful day in belgium :) today i got up late (of course..what else is new eh?) and then had lunch and made lots of cookie dough! cookie dough..random you say, but it was because my host mom and i went to her god-childs/niece's house to make cookies/give a sort of cookie lesson. it was suuuuuper fun! i loved making cookies and speaking dutch with the kids. i think they enjoyed baking them and especially decorating them and of course eating them..yummm...
a couple things surprised me today! first, that all the kids speak perfect dutch and french..because they speak one language at home and one language at school, it was unbelievably cool! and second, how they live in such a beautiful part of belgium! i mean, i find all of belgium nice but this part had scenery (TREES! wow i've missed trees) and a different feel that made it seem like we were somewhere else. check out their view!
combine cookies, a view, and super great weather and its perfect! oh..and what more, blooming trees!
pretty eh? and last but not least..take a look at the cookies! colorful!
but thats all for tonight...afterwards we drove through Leuven and i've decided its like the Sioux Falls of Belgium. i'm also proud of myself that i didn't feel carsick driving there and back, because it was like an hour and a half to their house! tonight i skyped with a couple friends from home, and it made me feel a lot better because sometimes i think everyones forgotten about me. woo. so yes, it was a good day. thanks for reading, goodnight!

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