Wednesday, April 20, 2011


hey world! happy wednesday! hopefully your day was a little more productive than mine, because i've been absolutely lazy today..but to my credit, its my first lazy day since before going to italy, so i guess it was necessary. i tried so so super super hard to work on my rotary presentation, but i find it really difficult to find the words i want to say and come across as still myself in another language! if i have to make a presentation with a powerpoint and stuff in school at home, i usually gather all the information, write an outline, make a powerpoint, then make some notecards and use them while i speak..but here i think i will be too nervous to just read off an outline and explain each slide in front of so many people! my language skills are good, i'm really confident about that..but its weird because usually i'm not a nervous person but when it comes to speaking dutch and TRYING to GIVE them the impression that i know what i'm doing instead of just doing it naturally then it troubles me. hmm. hopefully (hopefully!!) tomorrow i will get a lot more done with it. i ended up cleaning my room a little bit today instead of writing my speech like i should have been. normally its my computer and facebook that distracts me from doing something, so cleaning was actually a better alternative of procrastinating but still not good! haha. we ate lunch and dinner outside today, i'm not sure about breakfast because i slept till like..a little before noon. (hey now..its easter break). other than that i don't have much for you today! i'll leave ya with a picture my mom emailed me the other day, and one i took like an hour ago with my webcam. stupid collage, i know..its all i could find quickly on the internet eh! little american jamie and big belgian jamie..haha some things never change. love you all, thanks for reading!!

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  1. little pucker-gal!!