Wednesday, April 20, 2011


hello reader! hoe gaat het met jou? another happy, beautiful day in belgium here! well, actually..half of it wasn't in belgium. this morning/afternoon i went with a friend from school with the bus right across the border in holland to go to a theme park, haha! yes normally they are for little kids..but it was a pretty one, and a super pretty day as well so it was nice to to do! when i say pretty day i mean tee shirt and shorts all day..nice eh? here are a couple pictures from some little kid rides..

and then there was even a 4-D movie..oooo...where they blow wind on you and have fake rain in the theater..things that i get sick in most of the time, but this one wasn't long or fancy enough to matter haha
anywho! it was fun. then we came home and i had to get ready and go to a rotary meeting tonight. one of my last rotary meetings then i suppose! three more probably..and for one of them i have to give my presentation..scary!! i'll probably spend most of my day tomorrow attempting to work on that, wish me luck. well thanks for reading, talk to you tomorrow blog people!

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