Monday, April 25, 2011


HAPPY EASTER, WORLD! hope you all had a wonderful day, i know i did! yet another beautiful day in belgium...starting to feel spoiled here. such nice weather, nice people, nice things to do..hmm. this morning we (mainly i) got up a little earlier (meaning before noon..shocker eh) and we ate breakfast then went to church. i found it pretty neat to see how church works here, considering i've never seen the inside of the pretty church that's right on the market. here's a couple quick pictures i took as i was trying not to look like a tourist...

basically, a lot different looking than at home. hmmm well i must say, we had lots of tasty food today but my most favorite was by far the following..
a giant basket of chocolate...deadly. i love chocolate, but belgian chocolate is like..even better than normal chocolate. ridiculous! and look..i even got a special little chocolate chick alllll for me..adorable right? it's so difficult not to rip him apart and eat him..chocolate addiction maybe?
but as for the rest of was 80 degrees again, so so beautiful! you won't believe this (but my host mom has pictures somewhere..uh oh) but i was laying outside for over an hour in a SWIMSUIT! bikini for that matter, but with all this chocolate layin around it probably wasn't so attractive. i think i'm a little tan now, maybe? i have visible tan lines, anyways. mostly from italy still..but a little from today! then i felt lazy laying there and asked if anybody wanted to go on a little bike ride with me..and my host parents said they would, but "a little bike ride" here is like...20 miles? so we compromised and did about.....6 or 7? enough to enjoy the day. afterwards i wanted to dye easter eggs still..because i bought little color tablets the other day at the grocery store. so my host mom made a couple and i made like 8. nothing compared to the 12 dozen my family in america apparently made!? but yeah..its crazy, when its such nice weather you don't even notice that it's all the sudden 8pm, haha. it really is like summer. fiiiiine for me! i'm more than happy to spend my last weeks here with warm belgian-summer weather, considering there's still snow at the lake house where my mom's at celebrating easter. ridiculous! i can't imagine it warming up that much within the next 3+ weeks for when i get there. burrrrrr! so after biking we came home and had chocolate cake for dinner. hahahhaa. that was a great sentence, but seriously! too full for dessert when we ate just eat it for dinner. awesome. with warm weather and chocolate, whats not to love about Easter 2011 :) thanks for reading, have a great day!

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