Sunday, October 31, 2010


hello people. day 74 here! today i woke up pretty early for some reason and couldn't go back to sleep..sad right? then i ate some rice krispies (so matter what continent you are on) and read my book for a while. then i watched at least 3 hours of tv..some of it in dutch! and then i went with my host mom to a clothing store in out-turnhout. sometime after that we had dinner and i got ready to go out for the night, haha! then i biked really fast to the train station because i was kind of late to meet my friend gabby from tennessee that is an exchange student in belgium too! we went to this kind of weird party thing in turnhout tonight with a lot of creepy music (not creepy as in halloween..creepy as in bad electronic nonsense) and the occasional scent of something that probably wasn't just tobacco. nothing too exciting happened there but i must mention that the nasty/nice girl that i mentioned a few blogs ago (the one that asked me if i've met any boys in english class) literally threw her FULL beer alllll over me. it was completely ridiculous but since i am a sweetheart exchange student i just laughed. truthfully i would have laughed no matter what i think..who cares about a little beer on my left thigh..pshh. anyways. then we stopped at the frituur on the way home and they were OUT OF FRIES! how does that happen??! so we got chicken fingers instead..and now here i am at home, really tired, wanting to post a picture or two but i have no motivation to do so because my friend is already asleep and i think i am going to do the same. sleepover time! like middle school again. haha, slaapwel world.

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