Sunday, October 17, 2010


hooray for day 60, tomorrow it will be 2 months! well as expected today was a pretty busy day. after attempting to wake up and go to the market i fell back asleep and ended up not going..oh well maybe next time! then i got ready and caught a train sometime before noon to Antwerp! in Antwerp i met my friend and fellow exchange student Brendan from Canada and we walked around to some winkels (shops). here are some pictures of my day!
first things first, the BEAUTIFUL Antwerp Central is amazing!
second stop..STARBUCKS!!!!! youhave no idea how happy i was to have a cappuccino with hazelnut and a lemon poppy seed muffin! it was an incredible way to wait for my friends train to arrive.
next thing you know we are walking down the street and theres a guy playing piano..a REAL piano..that he pulls with his BIKE! so there were big tires on it and a bicycle somehow attached to the front. he was really good too..and he had little egg-shakers on his foot so when he tapped along it was a nice shaker sound. then of course there was a guy playing with those chinese yoyo things or something..typical.
then would you believe it but we found an URBAN OUTFITTERS! (an amazing funky american store that sells things my parents wore growing up only they make it look cool somehow) and it was extremely expensive otherwise i definitely would have bought something. for example, a shirt there (like a normal girls tee shirt with a special design on it) would be like 30 dollars but here it was like 60 euro..honestly who buys that stuff!? but anyways i got a picture with it because it was cool!
next stop was the closet thing i've seen to a MALL so far. it was a really beautiful building for a mall! plus it was heated and we were pretty much freezing the whole day! it was this elaborately decorated building with gold all over, a restaurant in the middle, and a champagne bar can see it on the left/middle of the first picture!..its shaped like a glass!
after that we found a third exchange student and we walked around a bit, i found a giant sandwich (a smos that i always talk about!!) to take a picture with..and then we had MCDONALDS! it was not very good actually, i am getting too used to good food here. but nonetheless i got a kids meal and it came with tropicana orange juice that was really tasty along with a bag of mini carrots. the rest was the same as at home!
so as some of you know Antwerp is like the world center for i would love to tell you that i got a beautiful picture of the diamond street but sadly i did not. i also did not get any good pictures of any buildings with historical value or purpose, but i did get to see the inside of a lot of stores and the mcdonalds which in my mind is just as cool, haha. so we will save the educational stuff for next time.
last but not least i caught the train home..this is what the trains from turnhout look like! there are a few different kinds of trains, i haven't quite figured it out yet...but i know some are nicer and faster than others and this one is not one of the fast and nice double deckered ones..but whatever here is a picture for your pleasure.
soooo after getting home i got ready to go out to "the reflex" with 2 of my music friends. there were not too many people at the club place tonight but we still had fun. it went pretty late though considering i am just finishing this blog and it is almost 5 in the morning..ahhh! time for bed. slaapwel, readers!

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