Sunday, October 24, 2010


hello hello. sunday day 68! woke up pretty late this morning and tried to clean my room up a little..failed. so then of course it was "brunch" time and it was a little different this morning! i got introduced to the (almost infamous) "worstenbrood" and i must say this is definitely not one of those judging a book by its title sort of things. (get it, worst?) anyways. its the belgian version of a pig in a blanket only its more like..breakfast tasting sausage in a croissant, i guess. so here are a couple pictures..weird right!?
then we hung around a bit and then went to see the grandparents on the host dads side in the afternoon. it was nice there, i worked on my blanket a bit more and we had dinner..i had hawaiian pizza, haha. i don't have much else to say because i have part of my final exam tomorrow in dutch class, so i should really be studying! thanks for reading!

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