Thursday, October 21, 2010


hi bloggers! day 65 here. it was a nice day, although very cold! high of 48 degrees as you can imagine it was a very chilly bike ride this morning! something i have yet to get used to. good news was that i wore a warm sweatshirt from the box from my mom yesterday along with a new scarf and some mittens from here too! i went to language class and guess what..I GOT A 10/10 ON MY TEST! hooray for learning Dutch! next week we have the final exam and it is one day of writing and one or two days of speaking..kind of nervous! so then i met my friends for lunch and we walked to a baker that sells those smos sandwich things i always talk about. so at the bakery i asked for "een fles water"(a bottle of water) and the lady instantly said (in dutch) "you're not from belgium are you" haaha..i must have an accent or be timid while asking i guess. so then we went to school and i had jazz ensemble. it was nice and we played "Summertime" so it was kind of boring for me. i let the guy from argentina try and play once and he was really bad..serves him right for having such a bad attitude!!! i got a whole new schedule of classes emailed to me the other day, but i have not attended any of them yet partly due to the fact that the argentinean is in the new classes as well, so if i stay with my class..then he will not be there. he really changes the mood of the class in a bad way! whatever, we will see what happens! all i know is that i am excited for fall break at the beginning of november! a week without school, fabulous. then i had a few more classes where i did some dutch homework and read a book my mom sent me from home. after school i decided to treat myself to tanning since i did well on my test and it felt very very nice. i wish there was real sun here!! well thats not true, theres sun, but it is NOT warm whatsoever, its insane. so after tanning i biked home and sat in bed for a little while because i was cold and a little tired. then we eventually had dinner and it was good! potatoes, green beans, and some beef gravy type thing. so now i should go to bed, a full day of real school goodnight and thanks for reading!

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  1. sooooo..after you get done taking your final exam in dutch class, are you done taking those classes completely? do you start to go to regular school all day? -Ka-tee