Sunday, October 24, 2010


hello blog friends! thanks for tuning in to day 67. happy hobo day weekend to those of you in the western world, and to those of you who have no idea what i'm talking about, just happy weekend. started out the morning by forcing myself to get up at 930 to bike to the saturday market in turnhout! it was pretty cold on my way there but i was determined to get some fabric for my blanket. so once there i went to the fabric guy, asked him if he spoke english in my weird dutch..and he responded with "i speak PERFECT english", so thus i got some pretty material! i also got a waffle, yumm!
then i went to get my bike and some jerk tipped it over to get to their bike that was next to mine...thats usually what happens i guess.
i started on my blanket when i got home and found out that even the fabric scissors at the house are not too good so i will have to buy some nice ones soon! but nonetheless i got halfway done with the blanket already. clearly the material was not perfectly the same but i also bought pins so it will work out fine in the end as long as i cut some extra off!
i tried to take a few pictures coming home on the bike but it was starting to rain and they didn't turn out that well, but maybe you will get an idea of what it looks like. i know how you guys LOVE pictures on the blog..i like it too, but sometimes when the internet is slow it takes forever to upload!
sooo after all that i just hung around and made my blanket during the day. then we had lasagna for dinner! it was good but made me really really full..ouch. tonight i went to this really really weird party/festival type thing. i have no idea how to describe it other than like..chaos. it was like 5 big tents set up in the middle of some random field, and then you walk in and feel like you're in a really weird movie or doing crazy drugs. bumper cars, french fries, a girl dressed as the pope singing, loud techno music in one tent, faster loud techno music in another, i am not sure what to tell you. it was fun especially since i met A BOY there ( guessed it, cherry beer!) but i was kind of overwhelmed by the whole thing the majority of the time. such a different kind of subculture thing going on here in belgium. these kids love their beer, cigarettes, and techno. interesting! anyways, time for bed. slaapwel, world!

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