Monday, October 25, 2010


day 69 here, haha. i only say haha because i was number 69 in my graduating class..and that is the only reason it is funny, right? anyways. not much happening today. hard to get out of bed this morning for some reason. i think its a monday thing. then went to language class where i THOUGHT i had my final exam but nope, its tomorrow and the next day instead. so wish me luck with that! then i met a few friends for lunch. who knew the irish pub would have such good coffee? then it was english class time. english here is just really different. first of all the teacher has this crazy british accent and secondly we learn ridiculous things. such as today, we had a test on like animals and sea pollution stuff. we had to DRAW a picture of a "green meadow with a fountain with a blue tail of a whale, a dog barking in a kennel, two pigeons flying, a squirrel, etc etc"..sorry lady but my drawing was just awful! to make things worse (or better?) we had a half hour left at the end so the teacher made us all move our desks in a circle so the class could ASK ME QUESTIONS. sounds fine, right? but you see, theres a girl in the other class that joins us sometimes that has this somewhat nasty-but-fake-nice attitude and she asked questions such as "have you found any nice boys that you like" and its just the most awkward class of my life!!! i think i still have my pride after that one but i wish people that don't know me could try not to make me feel so inferior or something, girls girls girls. some things will always be the same. anyways, afterthat we had music for a couple hours. i read my book. the book is really great actually! its called "i was told there'd be cake" and its a bunch of essays by this new york jewish writer girl. i really like it because she writes pleasant little stores about her life and in two chapters she has even mentioned belgium! its crazy. so i will leave you now, dear reader..because i have to watch desperate housewives. its pretty much an addiction. but i will leave you with two of my finer webcam pictures. first one is a lovely shot of my wrist and an extremely unflattering picture of my face. this picture is here to state that i have introduced belgium to the wonderful world of silly bandz (shaped rubber bands) and everyone so far has loved them! i gave some to my host mom and brother and they wear them now, how cool right? and im starting to give some to my classmates too. they aren't in belgium yet for some reason! but they will come soon. anyways, the next picture is of me having some cuddling time with my newly finished blanket. burrrr cold in belgium! goodnight all, thanks for reading.

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