Sunday, October 10, 2010


hello all! today was a nice sunday in belgium. after waking up sometime around noon we had our typical sunday brunch of rolls and whatnot only this time we made eggs too, it was neat! so after breakfast/lunch we got ready and i went with my host mom (katrien!) to Lier. it was maybe a half hour or so away in the car and it was a really cute little town! i took a few pictures while walking around and then we stopped and had a beer, haha..cherry of course! it was nice to enjoy the sun because after today everything is back to the mid-50s..winter here we come, great. so here are a few pictures from today, i'm not sure how to explain what everything is exactly but they're just pictures of a typical town in belgium, i guess!
doesn't it look like fall here?!? pretty!
what's weird about belgium is that its crowded, but not like a big there will be traffic jams, small cars, houses close together, but nothing like sky scrapers and stuff. hard to explain i guess..but for the amount of people that live in this tiny country you don't feel that it is very industrial or something. anyways after we got back from walking around Lier my family and i went to the chinese restaurant! chinese here is cool because it's fancy chinese compared to the kings wok buffet in brookville! it's like guadalajara fajitas meets hu-hot or something. take a look!
now i am going to shower and go to bed..another full week ahead of me. definitely looking forward to the fall break in the beginning of november!! can you believe i've been here almost two months? crazy. thanks for reading and talk to you tomorrow, bloggers!

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