Wednesday, October 20, 2010


this is one of those blogs where i promise to re-do it tomorrow due to the fact that i just got home (after midnight) from a rotary meeting thing and i have a test tomorrow in dutch class. sorry!!!!! slaapwel allemaal!
next day:
yesterday was a simple tuesday. woke up, went to dutch class, went to lunch with my friends, and went to real school. we had two hours of music, an hour of math, and an hour of theatre type class. although i bought a "cola light" (diet coke) at lunch time i could still not stay awake in math class! i felt kind of bad about it
but the teacher doesn't mind..its almost like he knows his voice puts me to monotone! anyways, after school i came home and had my daily chat with my host mom, i think. have i mentioned that most days after school we sit in the kitchen and have fruit and talk about the day? usually it is in english but more and more dutch is used around the house i guess. it is really stressful for me to hear dutch ALL THE TIME so the family still uses english mainly but when they speak dutch to me or eachother i can sometimes understand it! but replying is difficult due to my limited vocabulary. anyways. after that i took a shower and got ready for a rotary meeting thing. i got picked up by our exchange chairman lady and then we picked up manuella too. we got there around seven and left around midnight. i wish i could tell you it was fun but nothing is very fun when you don't under
stand what's going on! so the three exchange students just sat and smiled most of the night. i will tell you this much, i was definitely NOT smiling at the salad. in Belgium there are these mini-shrimp looking things that are my absolute worst fear. i've heard some stories about them from other exchange students and last night i finally had to face them myself. honestly i LOVE shrimp but this was like eating..i don't even poop? worst fishy taste of my life! sorry i am being rude but you just have to try them for yourself. i can choke down fish if i have to, sometimes i even like it, but this was a completely different situation.
needless to say, i really hope i never see them again. anyways the good news is that there was chocolate mousse for dessert, and courtney and i even drank some wine, haha! really funny that they offer us alcohol at rotary meetings here..or at least i think its kind of ironic. so that was yesterday, i hope you enjoyed it!

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  1. We had your math teacher last year, and I totally understand what you're talking about :')!