Friday, October 29, 2010


hello hello! day 73! happy junk food friday! well today was a pretty non eventful friday to be honest. went to school and spent a couple hours in the library followed by a couple hours of sitting in class doing nothing! i think i read over 100 pages in less than like two hours. then i bought a smoske and some oreos for lunch (yeah celebration of friday, duh) and went to watch these girls in my class was nice but sometimes constantly being around music drives you a wee bit crazy. then we had gym class and we danced the chachacha nonsense again along with some "disco swing" thing. its like MMS all over again, only no boys! then we played volleyball and i actually thought it was kind of fun, go figure right? last but not least we had geography where i was told that i have to take the final exam..yippee, i wouldn't want anything more in life, teacher! but it will be fine because i think with the rotary i only have to take two exams and i'm hoping i can choose english as my other one..because i have absolutely no idea what's going on in any of my other classes!!! anyways, then for the first time ever(?) we did not go to the irish pub after school..i'm not sure why. but i came home and just hung out for a while i guess. then i went to the grocery store with my host was fun like always. the cashier lady looked at my uggs and said in dutch something like "oh nice uggs those are really popular in america" and my host mom replies with "hey she IS american" and the lady said "really? i just got back from vacation in florida and they were selling like crazy down there"..hahah sometimes being american is just too obvious or america is just too influential, one of the two. well technically speaking, uggs are from australia, but..come on now..everything is built for the usa. tonight we had the (infamous?) kebab and i think i have never been so full in my life!! then i took a shower, had some apple cider (or better yet, warm apple juice and cinnamon....nobody knows what the heck apple cider is you americans enjoy your orange peel-allspice-cinnamon sugar flavored warm cider when you get it, okay?) and now i'm laying in bed typing this. for some reason i am extremely tired tonight so sincere apologies that this is really dull. the good news is that i don't have school ALL of next week so i have about 9 days to do whatever i want, fabulous. any suggestions? too tired to think of anything else exciting to say but i will tell you this much..BLOG IS ALMOST UP TO 5,000 VIEWS!!!! thank you readers, and goodnight!

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