Friday, October 22, 2010


hi world! day 66 here. FRIDAY! long day at school. i did a lot of nothing. such as, sleeping in the library during german and reading my book in the majority of the other classes. i also had gym today where we danced a salsa(i think..1, 2 cha cha cha?) and then played volleyball. thank goodness no more running! after gym we had geography and of course we watched a movie (usually in english, with dutch subtitles..occasionally in some crazy language with english subtitles then covered by dutch subtitles..ridiculous) and in the movie was something about a farm in montana andhow the cows are only fed grass. since i am starting to understand quite a bit of dutch i figured out that the teacher thought this was almost an unbelievable fact..grass hormones..can NOT be possible. unfortunately she is the type of teacher you do not argue with so i left it alone, but man would i love to take her to cottonwood for a grass-fed-beef tbone or ribeye..hah! so then we went to the irish pub after school as usual. of course a cherry beer for me! oh and i should mention we went to the tea house for lunch and ihad hot chocolate like usual! so then on my bike ride home i decided to stop at the grocery store and buy things to make rice krispie bars! hooray! but man if you think cereal is expensive in america..pushing 5 dollars a box sometimes! and the marshmallows were PINK (not flavored, just colored) so they turned out a little weird looking. anyways i got home and then we all went to another grocery store again only this time to shop for the family for the week. i guess the grocery store is open late on friday..who knew! so here are some things i found amusing at the grocery store. i hope you enjoy them as much as i do!
mr clean=mr propre
weight watchers is in belgium too!
nasty shrimp things (from the north sea!)
and really expensive ketchup. ONE dollar sometimes at walmart!
wine sample station!..we tried it!
and an example of fish you can buy out of the freezer..look at the picture then get it out of the deep freeze below it..interesting..sams club?

so then we went and got some frituur and i had way too many french fries with my chicken burger thing. oh boy! then i made the rice krispy bars that i just tried and they are not that good. but now i am going to bed. thanks for reading!

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