Wednesday, October 13, 2010


hello all. today was a little bit less than amusing. biked in the freezing morning air to language class, where i pretty much stared at the wall all morning because i was bored and tired. then i came home and had lunch with the host family, which was nice, but luckily at this point i was still in a really good mood due to my tanning yesterday. something about getting a little sun (albeit fake, unhealthy, cancer-causing sun) made me feel good for the first half of today. luckily for you, the reader, i took some pictures on my bike ride home from language class. i'm not sure if you know this or not but biking while simultaneously taking pictures is extremely difficult, so consider yourself lucky.
unfortunately the second half of the day was not as pleasant. it started out nicely, sitting at the coffee shop down the street with my host mom, waiting to bike to the hairdresser. it was nice.

then i got my hair done, or, attempted to. the hairdresser spent about 3/4 of the time on the phone, and the rest of the time telling stories. i think he used the scissors on my hair for maybe 5 minutes. i wanted a real HAIRCUT you know..chop those ends off like 2 inches..but it was more like half a centimeter. then he proceeded to blow dry the hell out of it and break a lots more hair off and tell stupid stories. damn. really pathetic, especially considering it cost about 60 us dollars. live and learn i guess. then i came home and ate dinner. truthfully i didn't really like it but it could be due to the fact that i'm not in the best mood right now. hopefully tomorrow will be better. thanks for reading and sorry if i sound selfish!

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