Wednesday, October 20, 2010


hello hello! day 64 here in belgium land. nothing too exiting going on today. i took a test in dutch class and it was pretty easy i think! i will find out for sure tomorrow. then i came home and we had lunch because it is wednesday! we made this weird "tortilla" thing which was like eggs and potatoes...i think i've mentioned it before. anyways it was good. but before lunch the doorbell rang and it was MY 3RD BOX FROM HOME! yayy!
it was fabulous. it is so cold here in belgium, a different kind of cold than at home. it could be a wetter cold, considering it rains all the time and we are close to the sea. but for some reason even in the mid 50s i am still freezing so my mom sent me (amongst other things) some warm clothes. i love getting things from home, it makes me feel so much better for some reason. then i took a couple hour nap which was really great. then we ate dinner and now i am here. dinner was cabbage and sausage potatoes. i think that is pretty normal here. well i have not much more to say about today, the box and the easy language test was the thrill of my wednesday. really cold out tomorrow so wish me luck with the bike in the morning! burrrr!

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