Wednesday, October 27, 2010


day 71 here, people! today i went with my host mom to buy decorations for her table because tomorrow night a bunch of men come over for "cooking club"..fancy eh? so we went to a shop in Arendonk (like ten minutes away) at this giant home store that was like a more expensive and not half as cool version of ikea. but first we stopped at the post so i could mail off my package for home..not even one kilo, 16 EURO..AH! whatever, hope it makes it alive! so after that store we stopped at another, and there wasn't much there either but i think my host mom bought a ceramic mushroom. everything was christmas already so that made it hard too!
then we came home for lunch, so i scrambled a couple eggs and also had a pb&j..can't go a day without my favorite peanut butter and jelly! then we went to another store which was a mini version of hobby lobby and what do you know..they had everything we wanted. so then we came home and i forgot what happened after that. oh wait i know, we stopped at the farmer to buy eggs! and the farmers wife talked for like an hour but she was nice. then she gave us waffles that she made herself! so cool! i want to learn how to make these hard waffle things..but she only speaks dutch, and has a somewhat different maybe in the spring :)

soo then i made cookies for the cooking club to laugh at tomorrow..HALLOWEEN FINGER COOKIES! aren't they awesome? i made them last year for a halloween party with my friends and everyone loved what the heck lets bring america to belgium. the picture is of the cookies before they went in the oven. they don't look much different now except a little fatter!
so that was my day. nothing much else happening except i finished my chocolate santa, which is really depressing. tomorrow i have my speaking exam for dutch. scary! but it starts at 10:15 so i can sleep in a little ;) slaapwel everybody!! much love and thanks for reading.

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