Sunday, October 17, 2010

2 months!

hello all. today marks 2 months in belgium! today i went with my host mom and brother to Lier. its about 45 minutes away i think. we went there last weekend and we went there today too since it was the "winkel" day so the shops were actually open on a sunday! all i got was a scarf but thats okay, kind of a knitted mustard color haha.. i am waiting to see what comes in my box of warm clothes my mom sent me this week. anyways! after being here two months i find myself still missing home a lot. i really like life here but home is still in the back of my mind. i keep wondering what i am missing out on asa freshman in college. don't get my wrong i appreciate life over here but some days (especially tired days) i just get overwhelmed with differences and constantly translating and the homesickness gets to me. i am hoping it will stop soon because i really want belgium to be REALITY instead of this dream-state i feel like i'm living in sometimes. the things i miss the most: family, friends, pokey & frostina, my bed, american food, my car!, hearing english, and just the complexity of the life i had at home. here its pretty simple..the same routine every day. at home i felt the options were endless, its america so you can do whatever you want to do, maybe. here i feel like belgium is belgium and i'm not making enough out of it. but please believe me when is say i like it here, because i do..i'm just being selfish. kids all over the world don'thave food, water, shelter, clothing..and here i am complaining about the differences in food, shelter, clothing..not to mention the fact that i have not one but THREE more families that are welcoming me into their homes during my stay here. i think that puts it in a different perspective now, eh? but moving on now. in lier we walked around the winkelstraat-shopping street and we got a waffle, yay! my first warm belgian waffle..i was so excited! so i will leave you at that, the picture of my beautiful waffle, and i will also mention that i had schnitzel with paprika (red bell pepper) sauce for dinner. thanks for reading, and sorry if said anything stupid!

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