Monday, October 18, 2010


hello blogger world! hope you're all enjoying your day/night or whatever time it is at your point in the world. today was day 62 in Belgium land and it was a nice normal monday. i was a bit late to language class due to the fact that my lovely host mom made KOFFIE (oh excuse me, i meant to say COFFEE) and i left about 10 minutes later than i normally do, so i walked into class right as they were getting started. it was the end of the world, basically. i got kicked out of class for three weeks..hahah JUST KIDDING! i was one of many many people that came after the teacher came in the room so it really made no difference. anyways enough with the comedy act for tonight. wednesday i have my last ten point quiz in dutch class and then next week is the final exam..scary. one day writing and two days speaking..but i am trying to practice and listen more and i think i am making some significant progress! today my class went to a different place for lunch than usual. it was a restaurant on the market and they all had spaghetti but just ordered a coke and had my sandwiches since i can never pass up sandwich mondays! i believe i have mentioned that before, right? every monday my host brother and i have "sandwiches" to take in our boxes for lunch..and for you americans, a sandwich here is what we call a hot dog bun, basically. only not a crappy wonder bread hotdog bun. sorry if the blog becomes a bit redundant after a while, i do not want any readers to be confused! heaven forbid you don't understand what i ATE, especially considering this is turning into one giant food blog. "Jamie goes to Belgium..eating my way across the country" or something, hahaha. so anyways then we went to school and i really don't remember much so i assume it was boring. i know we had english class for two hours and then two hours of music so a lot of nothing. then i came home and i was looking online at office max stuff because we have a gift card there or something, and you would not believe what happened!! i was reading the list of items they sell such as "books, paper, chairs, electronics, safes, etc" and when i read the word "safes" i pronounced it like i was reading Dutch so in my head i said "sah-fez" and actually had to click on it to see what it was! then pictures of safes popped up and i was like DUHH JAMIE!!! but it was really funny, and a good sign i think. my brain is converting to dutch or something. sometimes i spell really simple things wrong in english, i bet you've noticed that in the blog maybe? oh well! for dinner we had leek which was really different for me! at home all we do with leeks is put them in soup or something! but it was chopped up and put in a frying pan then with some milky sauce on it. it was awesome! and there was also really yummy soup of course..broccoli! hooray for soup! so now i must leave you because i have an important episode of desperate housewives waiting for me on iTunes. but before i go...

on Tuesday a special someone back home has a very special BIRTHDAY! my second mother SUSAN HELSPER of SKH Designs! dearest susan, life just isn't the same without you! i wish you a very happy 60th birthday, you cougar you! and remember..age is just a have 6 decades of wisdom, hahahha. i can picture her saying something like "you aasss" to me right now. anyways happy birthday! nothing but fond memories of my silpada sister suzie q!

just wouldn't be a blog without some pictures..goodnight world!
ps i changed my settings so now anyone can comment i think!!

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  1. Happy 60th Birthday Susan Helsper!