Monday, October 11, 2010


hello all! day fifty five here in belgium land. nothing too special going on today...just went to language class, lunch, then real school. same as usual! we had a test in language class and i think it went pretty well, but we will find out tomorrow or something, i'm not quite sure because my normal teacher is gone this week because she is getting surgery on her leg? yeah weird! anyways, then we went to the tearoom for lunch where i bought a hot chocolate. have i told you that hot chocolate is "warme chocolademelk"or something! it is a very important phrase for me because i have it almost every time we go to thetearoom for lunch..which is usually a couple times a week! i really like the guy that is always working (i assume he owns the place) because he gave me the two books to read (same in english and one in dutch) and i think that is very nice! today he also gave me my hot chocolate last and said "the best for last" in dutch..haha what a nice guy. i think i also have an incredible amount of respect for him due to the extremely delicious pancakes, real hot chocolate, warm bread, homemade soup, 200 kinds of tea, and last but not least the little chocolates and mini muffins with your warm drink. anyways enough about that! we had english in school today for two hours and it was kind of difficult! we got back our tests from last week and i of course got the surname question wrong along with spelling some simple word wrong, embarrassing! but its really hard to be perfect at both languages i guess, and i am hearing more dutch than english in the day so you really cant blame me. then i did nothing for two more hours and biked home. on my way home i stopped at the fruit shop and bought some apples and a couple oranges. its very common to take an apple for a snack during the 10 minute breaks at school so i like to do it as well! plus its fun to stop at the fruit shop in general, super cute and not like america! so i came home and had a pear and an orange and talked to the host brother and mother for a while. then i cleaned up a few things in my room and had dinner. dinner was little fried potatoes, cauliflower with cheese, and sausages. typical i think! other than that there is not much going on today. here are a couple pictures i thought you might find interesting! i came home from school and you can clearly tell the cleaning lady was here..even my undies are folded!
then this is the start of my collection. about a week ago i decided i wanted to collect the cheap coasters you can find at bars, cafe's, pubs or here is what i have so far! its actually a really easy, cheap (free hahah you just steal them..can't really be a crime, everyone does it), and unique collection.
anyways now i am going to go grab a speculaas cookie or maybe 10 then watch desperate housewives on itunes! thanks for reading once again!

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