Friday, October 15, 2010


day fifty nine here, crazy! lets think..what happened today. well, i woke up an hour earlier than usual and went to real school all day (like i do every friday..). the first class was french where is sat there confused and then we went to take a pictureof the whole class which was kind of cool! then i had dutch where i sat there again, followed by german where i went to the library. the last class was just a guy presenting this slideshow to us about university but i did not pay attention since i am not staying here forever. but i did learn that it only takes you THREE years for a bachelors degree in belgium..what the heck, most americans are taking 5 nowadays..crazy. on our way to the 4th class (the one before lunch..the presentation today) we realized the kid from argentina was missing. they thought he went to the library with me but he didn't, he went home from school..AGAIN. so tuesday he left afterlunch, wednesday he was gone, thursday he was gone, and then only 3 classes on friday? fine with me because i think he's really annoying but seriously i don't know what his problem is..nor does the rest of the class. its hard to include someone who goes home from school and skips school because they are "tired"..hell, we are ALL tired. not my problem though!! anyways then it was lunch time and i was excited because today i bought a SMOS! now bloggers if there is one thing i absolutely love about belgium its the concept of the smos..french bread, mayo, lettuce, tomatoes, shredded carrots, hard boiled egg slices, and ham or cheese. so good...the perfect lunch. of course i was really depressed that i had gym after lunch so i also bought an appelflap which is an apple turnover in english! of course that was amazing as well. so lunch was nice, haha! then we went to gym class where we had to run more than 5km but i decided i would try but then i quit about halfway through and the teacher really didn't care since everyone quits a lot of the time plus i don't get real grades anyways. then we played some mini-tennis and it was time for geography. in geography the teacher likes to talk about how wasteful the world is, it's pretty much global climate change class or something. the good news is that she shows a lot of movies that are usually in english (with dutch subtitles) so its easy for me to understand. lately i find myself being much more observant when people speak and when watching videos and i think thats whats been causing my headaches lately. i've had a headache almost every night this week. i honestly believe i'm thinking too hard and constantly trying to translate. sometimes i'm just too hard on myself. anyways. after school we all went to the irish publike usual and yep you guessed it..cherry beer time! then i biked home (it was raining at this point..lovely) and hung around for a while. then my host brother and i went to the FRITUUR because it is junk food friday and guess what?..i actually brought my camera today! so now you can see what a frituur is!
honestly i think they are one of my favorite things about belgium..because it's just so unique. you walk in, order a ton of french fries and then pick some random meat to be fried too. it's awesome! look at all the stuff in the case that you can fry..crazy!
so i got a (small!?) french fry and i let my host brother pick a random meat thing and it is a "vlees croquet" which is almost impossible to describe. its like a cheeseball only..instead of gooey cheese it was gooey meat inside. no doubt it was lekker (tasty!!).
so that was my day. and now i should go to sleep because i'm pretty sure i have a big day ahead of me tomorrow. i think i am going to try to go to the market in the morning, then head to antwerp and meet a friend for a movie and maybe some dinner..then catch the train home and go out with a couple school friends at night..ambitious goals. we'll see how that plays out. until then! thanks for reading :)

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