Wednesday, October 6, 2010


day 50 has finally come! i would like to say that so far i have been enjoying myself, learning a lot, and i believe i have finally become comfortable with my surroundings. i'm not sure if time is going slow or fast or if time is really passing at all. belgium is sort of a fantasy land where i am living for this year, and i like it that way. reality will always be back home in brookings but don't take that in a manner which suggests i am not living in the moment here, because that simply is not so...i just don't feel like this quaint belgian life of mine is REAL, concrete, solid, or what have you. i really like it here, so far everyone has been above and beyond nice to me, and i definitely appreciate that. i don't know if i've quite determined what my perspective of this whole adventure is exactly, but i think i'm figuring that out. anyways, what i mean to say is..i am having fun, i like it here, and i think i will have a nice year. moving on now! i have nothing extremely exciting to tell you about today..just that i tried to take a couple pictures to show you what i do every day! i took a picture (with the self timer) while eating here you go! now you canfeel like you are here with me every morning while i eat my special K!
after that i get on my bike for about 10-15 minutes, depending how fast i want to go, then i arrive at language class. i also sneakily took a picture of class just to show you what it's like. everyone comes from different places and i am the youngest one there. i am also one of the few with blonde hair and blue eyes..which is a little weird for me. sometimes people ask me why i ever left the USA, because its supposed to be "such a great place"..which it is, undeniably, but belgium is just a temporary stay for me..which also makes me feel a little weird! its hard being a young, blonde, american girl sometimes...hmm!
anyways, after class i usually ride my bike to my real school then continue my day of "learning"..except on wednesdays i only have language class. so today i came home, took a 2 hour nap, watched desperate housewives via iTunes, then ate dinner. we had some kind of sausage which was similar to a ball park frank (haha) and sauerkraut! then there were also mashed potatoes. i really liked it! now i have to go to band practice with my host mother. she is in a pop-rock band with some other people and i am going to play the drums with them. i will blog about that tomorrow probably because it might go pretty late! thanks for reading and happy day 50!!


  1. Ahhh!! Jamie this is so cool! Keep taking pictures! Haha. This is awesome. I'm glad your having a good crazy time.


  2. YAY! Agreed! I also like the pictures!!