Tuesday, October 5, 2010


one more day and its day 50, hooray! today started out as a normal day..but then as i was getting ready for school i received a text message from a classmate saying "theres another foreign exchange student in our class!"..immediately i thought, wow! cool! two of us! yay! but then after a tiring day of language class i met him along with my other classmates for lunch..needless to say i was not very impressed by him, i guess. he is from argentina and also plays the drums, apparently. i will keep an open mind of course but for some reason we just clashed today, haha. anyways. we had two hours of music today where i just read my book and did dutch homework. then we had an hour of math where i took a nap. then we had an hour of drama class where i just sat there. after school i went with a couple of my friends to the shopping street so one of them could buy a new phone. it was fun because the weather was decent today, cloudy but still above 60 degrees so that was nice. for dinner we had a roasted chicken from the market like i was talking about a couple days ago. it was good..like a rotisserie chicken at home. then there was also a romanian sauce and some rice that my host mom made..always fun to try new food, right? i'm sorry this blog is bland but i have a horrible headache and i should probably stop looking at a computer screen right now. so thank you for reading and tomorrow's post will be much better, i promise!

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