Monday, October 4, 2010


day 48 in belgium! surprisingly it was another pretty nice day here weather wise! it got up to about 70 degrees but was still cloudy most of the day. naturally i wore my jacket while biking to class but figured out mid-way that it was actually nice outside and the jacket was i just ended up carrying it around all day. in language class we learned about writing invitations and responding to invitations. such as "can you go with me to the movies on saturday?" and we will respond with "no sorry i have to work"..simple things but somewhat important to learn i guess! then i met my friends for lunch and we went to our favorite "tearoom" that i always talk about. since i brought my lunch along in my cute pink lunchbox i ordered only a "half and half" which is a warm drink that is part hot chocolate, part coffee, and part cream...but 100% delicious.
of course it came with the usual mini muffin and praline, so that was nice too. today i made a salami and cheese sandwich and it was really good!! i have grown very fond of the owner man that always waits on us, and he has been very nice to me whenever we go there for lunch. he lets us eat our packed lunches and most of the time we order at least a drink! anyways since he knows i speak english but i am learning dutch, he gave me twobooks today to borrow. they are the same book only one in english and one in dutch. its something to do with a "spiritual journey" throughout egypt i guess and maybe i will actually try to read them both at some point, who knows. of course i go through books fairly quickly since i read in a lot of my classes! anyways! after lunch we had to go to study hall since our teacher was gone. in study hall we took an english test that our teacher sent and i must say it was fairly easy. the only question i know for sure i got wrong was "surname" americans ever use that word? the rest of the questions were things like writing a synonym for "silly" or "goal", etc. took me maybe 5 minutes total! i must not forget to mention that during our study hall the fire alarm went off, so we had to do the standard fire drill procedure thing. luckily it was nice outside so it wasn't a big deal. after that we went to a couple more hours of class where i just read my book of course! then school was over and i found my bike. there is a baking shop on the way home from school that i always wanted to stop at so i finally did today. they had a lot of pans, flours, and mixes that would be nice if i needed that kind of stuff. i also noticed that they had kitchen-aid mixers (like the beautiful one i got for graduation from my lovely aunt gigi...hello if you are reading this gigi!) and they were all over 500 EURO! thats like...almost 700 US dollars...CRAZY imported american baking machines! then i came home and split an orange with my host mom..because i am trying to get more vitamins remember! tonight for dinner we had blood sausage. can you believe it? of course the thought of blood sausage kind of makes me cringe, i tried a couple little bites and it was not that bad! some things you just need to learn to appreciate i guess. my host mom also made really good apple sauce that you eat with the sausage and i really liked that! then she roasted some potatoes with herbs in the oven and of course those were good as well. there i go again, always talking about food! anyways, i need to shower and go to bed now, and possibly steal some of those speculaas cookies! lekker lekker (tasty tasty/yum yum). good night and as always thanks for reading!

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