Thursday, October 14, 2010


day 58! nothing special today. went to language class, got a lot of homework there..which i then proceeded to do during my afternoon classes so that was nice! in dutch class i am learning about body parts, going to the doctor, saying when something hurts, and stuff like that. actually we moved on to a new chapter today that was about food! so you know me..i'm enjoying that. but tomorrow i have real school all day, so i have to wake up an hour earlier..great right? i feel like i spoke a LOT of dutch at school today, or i tried to..i think it is because i have an exam in like 2-3 weeks for language class and i want to make sure i pass!! of course the order of my sentences was wrong a lot and my pronunciation is always iffy but i definitely got an A for effort. after school i decided to go tanning again (sorry to say it...i know its bad for me but i cant help it!!!) since it was absolutely freezing biking to school this morning! i even wore gloves and i was still cold, but it will be okay. today was about 55 degrees fahrenheit and it will continue to get colder..great fun on a bike i'm telling you. i just miss the comfort of my mom starting my car in the mornings and then driving to school in my heated car with my pre-made breakfast, going to my heated one leveled school and stuff like that. here its in the cold, make your own breakfast, walk up thousands of stairs in a freezing school and stuff. just a different culture, thats all! soon enough it will feel normal, i guess. or at least i hope it will start to feel normal sometime, because at the moment everything just feels sort of "temporary", maybe. but i think i'm doing okay, especially after tanning again..waste of money right? the only other thing i did today was buy more credit for my phone. for some weird reason it ran out in like 2 weeks and i didn't even text out of the country more than like twice? really weird! anyways i don't have anything exciting to share with you about today but here is a picture of what is above my headboard thing right now. i have decided to put up whatever i get mailed just because it reminds me of good ol home...maybe some other people besides my aunt and hartz should mail some pictures? just a thought!
so anyways i am sorry i'm so boring today, i really don't intend to be. i just can't think of anything in particular to mention today. i'm sure i will think of something to share tomorrow. such as how miserable i will be in gym class! running like 6km or something..while its freezing outside..complete nonsense. thanks for reading!

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