Wednesday, September 1, 2010


almost two weeks!! crazy! tomorrow is the first day of school, so i really should be sleeping right now. oh well. today i woke up to the sound of the doorbell...ringing and ringing and ringing. the handymen had arrived at 730am to fix the shower. we haven't been able to take a shower since i've been here because it leaks into the kitchen..but after tomorrow we can! (note: there was still a bath, haha) so after dozing in and out of sleep i woke up around ten. then i had breakfast...then i had lunch..then we drove to the bike shop to pick up the fixed bikes. then i met my second family! they were really nice..and guess what, the mom likes to cook and bake..yay! i can learn a lot from her. well, i can learn a lot from anybody here i guess. anyways, meeting them was nice. it made me feel more comfortable about my whole belgium-experience in general. so then we came home, and i made these pinwheel pastry things while hostmommy made dinner. they were just some cheese, sun-dried tomatoes, spinach, mustard and some other stuff rolled into a puff pastry sheet then baked. not bad i'd say. at least it entertained me for the night.(picture to come soon..) (picture how here...)but now its bed time. school tomorrow..nervous, excited, and ready to be confused. byebye!

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