Wednesday, September 15, 2010


day twenty nine, folks! one month is creeping up quicker than expected. today was a typical wednesday. went to language class and learned things like "I have a pencil. This is ___ pencil" and i had to fill in the blank..only in dutch of course. then i biked home and had lunch with the host family. i didn't really do much all afternoon except my host brother and i made cream puffs! (i will post a picture tomorrow hopefully!) (picture here now...)
they turned out pretty well and i think everybody enjoyed them. then we had dinner which was rice, hamburgers (no bun with different spices than in america), and tomato/random vegetable sauce. after that my host brother and i tried to play cards but that didn't work very well because translating the instructions for games was impossible! i hate to break it to you but thats all that happened today, nothing more and nothing less! i'm sure tomorrows post will be more exciting, but if not..just wait for the weekend and i'm sure i will have more to tell :) well since i am eating way too many peanut m&ms while sitting here typing this i should probably just go to bed. thank you for reading and i'm sorry today wasn't exciting..i'm sure interesting things will come my way soon enough!

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