Sunday, September 19, 2010


day thirty three! hooray! lazy sunday, really. woke up very very late this morning/afternoon...had a croissant and whatnot for breakfast then sat around the house like usual. more like sat around on my computer watching american tv shows illegally(?) online all day. then i finally got ready and we went to this pub place that had 330 DIFFERENT kinds of beer.
apparently there are like 800 different kinds of beer from Belgium, which is ridiculous. i don't understand how a country can have that much of one thing..especially a country thats so tiny! but nonetheless i had a peach one that is basically just really really sweet peach juice..not beer. haha! personally i thought it was fine but i just don't know if i will ever be able to drink the real stuff. the appreciation of beer is something that takes time i guess..we'll see. anyways, then we went to some place for dinner that was pretty nice and of course there were french fries with the meal :) now i am watching more american tv and then it's bed time, so thats all for today..thanks for reading!

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