Sunday, September 26, 2010


today was day 39! my how time flies. sometimes i feel like its been going really fast, other times i feel like its going quite slowly..just depends i guess. i woke up really late because i was out quite late last night. i think i was finally ready to do something productive around 2pm...oops! so i ate a bowl of cereal with yogurt (have i mentioned thats what i eat for breakfast? i got lucky and my family buys me cereal..and since i am not fond of the milk here, or anywhere for that matter, i put some strawberry or some other berry kind of yogurt on my "corn flakes" which really is special k red fruits like at home only with less sugar and not just strawberries...its special k with strawberries, raspberries and cherries..actually much better than the sugary special k red berries at home...weird right?) but anyways! i had breakfast sometime after 2pm then my host mother and i drove almost 20 minutes to the lingerie winkle..aka the bra store! after years and years ofuseless shopping at places such as yonkers, victorias secret, etc..this summer i decided to invest in a quality french bra. so on our trip to kansas city with my mother and susan we went to a fancy bra shop and i got a really nice one that was made in of course now that i am in belgium i have been dying to find another..and tada! i got another nice one today. although it was not cheaper than in america..both of them were like 100 us dollars each (like i said before, hard earned pool money..but come on, 2 good bras=essential to my stay here in belgie) so yes. the excitement of my day was splurging on a bra i case you were wondering! haha, sorry if that is a weird topic to discuss. today was a special day for stores though! it was like, "the day of the customer" or something like that when translated. so when you would buy something at a store you got a little gift such as a rose, a chocolate, or in my case a little bag of cookies. thats right folks, i got a cute little bag of homemade cookies with my bra purchase. take that sioux falls mall! just kidding. alright then. after bra shopping we came home and eventually had dinner. my lovely host father made some fancy kind of chicken in a wine-tomato sauce with mushrooms and onions i believe! it was nice..and he is a great cook which is also nice. i think everyone is a good cook here though..or seems like it to me! it may be because back home in the midwest, a typical dinner includes some kind of meat, easily a grilled steak or chicken breast, then some vegetable..such as, i don't bean casserole, which is just cans of beans and campbells soup thrown together...and then some a baked potato. while i completely enjoy and 100% miss the good ol USDA grade A beef and classic green bean casserole with the loaded baked potato i guess i am getting used to food here. chicken with tomato sauce will suit me well for now. so after dinner i decided to take a nap, because i was going to go out tonight. a couple hours later i woke up and just wanted to keep sleeping but instead i got ready to go to a tropical party in a nearby town. so i got picked up by my friends host dad (does that make sense?) and we drove about 15 minutes to Arendonk where the party was. it was a nice party, lots of dancing, good music, and tons of people. similar to last night only in a big gymnasium looking place..and with more high school aged people.
I always find it humorous that the music is about 95% American, with songs that include lyrics such as "party because its independence day" and "if you have a 50 dollar bill put your hands up"..all references to the American culture i know and love. i got home sometime before 3am and now i am writing this! time for bed though, quite late. tomorrow is sunday and i think i am going to try to bake cookies!! or we are going to a museum, or both! we'll see. thank you for reading and i hope you enjoyed all my thoughts about today!!

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