Thursday, September 2, 2010


school. tough. going to school today made me want to come home even more. the school system is so different from the US, and all the teachers were anything but helpful. tried to ask the secretary where to go, she was in a bad mood. finally found my classmates and they were nice and helped me. actually this morning i first went to language class, where i stood outside in the 50 degree weather for a half hour waiting for the late teacher..then i sat in a bright pink classroom where i heard nothing but dutch from some old ladies mouth for three hours. exciting, right? then i biked to school, ate lunch outside with another foreign exchange student that doesn't speak really good english then i went to "orchestra". orchestra is basically what we call concert band. only we were shoved in a tiny room and there were a few string instruments. its really pathetic that there were only like 30 kids out of the entire 1,200 people school participating in "orchestra". i think its because if you want to be in band, you have to specialize in music. which is a lot harder than it looks..a mistake i recently made. after that class i went to some other music class. the teacher played something on piano then all the students were supposed to write down EXACTLY what she just played...then they were supposed to sing it from memory. it was like two minutes long, i couldn't even figure out the first note!! it was terrible! then the teacher was mad at me for signing up for music when i cant do "simple" exercises like that. isn't school great? then we went to art history class where the teacher told me he wouldn't translate so i just read a book. then we went to some drama class where we watched some musical and i tried not to fall asleep. it was beyond miserable. tomorrow i have to go to school all day because there is no language class on fridays. tomorrows schedule includes german and gym. haha. apparently we run 6 km's at the beginning of gym class. thats only what, three miles? NOOOOOOO. goodnight

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