Tuesday, September 28, 2010


day 42, readers! dreary day in belgium..so you folks should enjoy the sun in SD while it lasts! today i had language class in the morning as usual..only we finished about 15 minutes early. so i biked to the store that sells just about everything and bought some detangling spray for my hair. all the wind makes it impossible to brush my hair at night! it was about 50/50 if it was dry shampoo or detangling spray but either way i could use it so it worked out! then i met my friends for lunch. after lunch we went to music class for like 15 minutes and listened to the teacher talk about "cannons" (the music ones..not the shooting ones from the civil war) and he played some orchestral nonsense over and over. i just sat there pretending to pay attention of course. but today was a special day because for some reason we got to go to a play! it was some play about the 1840s-60s with puppets! well not exactly puppets..more like big dolls...that they guided around with one hand..really hard to explain but lets just say puppets! i understood a lot from the beginning, but then my brain got tired of translating and catching words every so often...so then i fell asleep for the rest of it. but it seemed like it was nice! then we went back to school for about 15 minutes of math class then we were done for the day. so i biked home (smart thing i did today: wore my jacket..i wasn't half as cold as i was yesterday!) and then hung around the house for a while. we tried to get my Belgian ID card but it is not ready for 3 more weeks..its taking so long! oh and i got a letter from my aunt Kathy and cousin Tony today..that was nice! snail-mail is always good...i wish i could tell you i've mailed my postcards already but i keep forgetting!!! i feel really bad! soon enough i will do that. but as we were biking home from the city hall i saw the coolest thing ever!! A BAKERY ON WHEELS! and then the second coolest thing ever..A ROTISSERIE CHICKEN SHOP ON WHEELS! ..they were in the Oud-Turnhout market (not to be confused with the Turnhout market..this is about 1/4 the size)..my host mother says its a type of "market" that they have here sometimes...i wish i had my camera with me! but i'm sure i will get a picture someday. do you remember the french fries i had at school the other day? where they were served out of the side of a big truck like at a fair/circus? this was the same thing..the side of a big trailer opens up and inside a person stands selling bread or chickens! really cool if you ask me. i guess there is a bigger market in Turnhout that happens every saturday morning, someday i will go and take lots of pictures! so we biked back home after not getting my card and started cooking dinner. tonight we had brussel sprouts..or "spruitjes"...and they were FRESH! we had to clean them and everything..different than the 2 dollar bag of frozen hyvee ones we normally eat at home (sorry mom..you tried..some kids don't even know what brussel sprouts are..so good job ;)..) anyways there were also potatoes and some leftovers and stuff too! of course i had some wonderful soup before dinner that was amazing i may add. then i did some dutch homework and now i am here, going to try and watch the 3 dollar desperate housewives season 7 premier i downloaded on itunes! when i was planning my budget for the year i guess i just assumed Hulu.com would work..but noooo...only in America..so now i have to buy all my tv shoes on itunes so i don't get a virus watching pirated episodes on sketchy websites. anyways! i also have my first test in Dutch tomorrow..short day wednesday remember! it is worth 10% of our grade..we have 3 small tests (i call them quizzes..so tomorrow i have a quiz) and one final test that is 70% of our grade. cross your fingers and thanks for reading!

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